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doesn't have to interfere their life. will it influence, yes. but the community can come together and heal one another if it landles it proper low and its like they are moving that way. >> one problem 150,000 schoolings. >> i have a lot of mep. and tell you what. you see those kids coming out in the line. one little girl was crying and the girl on the smile on the face they react differently. >> our thought prayers are the family.n and obviously stay tuned with the continuous coverage. greta is next. >> this is it a fox news alert. new information about >> greta: new information about the absolute unthinkable. 20 mere children, so small, they did not come up to our waist. the indescribable horror began,
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when unsuspecting parents dropped their children off at school. at the time, neither the parents nor the children could have anticipated what was about to happen. it all started about 9:00 a.m. a killer walks into the sandy hook elementary school here in connecticut and starts shooting. we are learning new information and we will have it throughout the hour. we start with rick lev anthol with the latest. >> reporter: we know his name. adam lanza, 20 years old. he lived here with his mother, nancy, who authorities say was shot dead in her bed this morning in their home, that she shared with the shooter. he then took her car and at least three weapons, maybe more, including a glock, a six hour and an mf-type assault rifle. went to the school where his mother worked as a substitute teacher and got through security and went to two rooms in one area of the school and began
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shooting children and adults. he shot 20 kids. 18 died at the scene. two were taken to the hospital and died. he shot six other adult, including the principal, before ending his own life before police arrived at the school. >> greta: is there any report of what he was saying and whether he was dressed in any unusual way or anything peculiar? >> reporter: we heard from a six-year-old boy in a classroom and said the shooter came in, shot the teacher and the boy grabbed his classmatesmates andn out. he said the shooter didn't say a single word. we have heard from the shooter's brother that she was learning disabled, may have been autistic. we know that the brother and the father are brewed by the fbi. >> greta: and the mother, substitute teacher, was she supposed to teach today? was there anything unusual about her being home? >> reporter: we don't know that. the man woke up and shot his
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mother in the home, took her car, took her guns and went to the school where she worked and began this rampage. >> greta: this is so unthinkable. we talked off camera beforehand, the idea of walk interesting a classroom and shooting children -- little kids. 5- 6-year-old kids. it makes no sense. >> greta: a principal and other adults? >> reporter: apparently, there were morning announcements going on. some of the kids and adults heard the screams over the p.a. system, in addition to hearing the gunfire, ringing through the hallways because the shots were fired in an area where the morning announcements were being made. >> greta: rick, thank you. 20 children were murdered in the school where they, of course, should be safe. we have someone who teaches before and after-school programs and he is here. ray, your thoughts tonight?
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>> i don't know. 12, 13 hours after this. i am so numb now, i have been crying and emotional for... most of the day. and speaking with work associates who work with me at the school, family and friend who is have been calling. at this point, i am numb. >> greta: ray, you never saw this shooter before, did you? or hear anything about him in the community? >> no. no. absolutely not. i left the school, we generally work until 9:00, 9:30, 9:20 and then leave. the students come in to go to class. that's when we turn them over to the regular teachers. it has to be 5 minutes, maybe that -- from when we left that this occurred. >> greta: you know, it's so unthinkable that this could happen. you know, i can't even imagine
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what your community's going through tonight. even -- i don't know -- you know, where do you begin to, you know, put the school back together and heal these families? >> you know, you tell me, please. it's just so unbelievable. we are all looking at each other. i just came from the... they had a vigil at the local church in the town. and there were hundreds and hundreds of people there. and we were just all -- we couldn't believe that we are now going through -- the wonderful status of being the second worst disaster in the history of the united states. >> greta: ray, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> greta: tonight, members of this grief-stricken community gathering for a memorial service molly is live outside the church, where the service was held.
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molly? >> reporter: we are one of the churches here in this community that held vigil tonight. a number of churches and places around town allowed people to gather and reflect on what happened here. this community, just beginning to come to grips with the grief that will be experience in the coming days. i had a chance to speak with my senior here, he spent the day with some of the parent who is actually lost their children. he said they are holding up as well as can possibly be expected, sharing some of the joyful memories they had with their children. in this time when the people joy, the birth ofe preparing christ and celebrating christmas with twinkling lights, i asked him, how do people cope at this time, christmas time. he said there are 20 brighter stars in heaven. just one thought of what this community has lost, 20 children gone, people just beginning to cope, just beginning to come together.
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today, i spent some time on the main street. this is a tiny throw-back main street. mom-and-pop shops. we talked to a woman who cuts children's hair specifically, in town. she was waiting to hear how many of the kids that she knows were among the injured or among the dead. we also spent time in the community in the neighborhood, where the shooter's mother lived, where she was murdered this morning. where she was shot before her son, adam, took her family car and headed for the school. beautiful, big homes -- an adorable neighborhood. absolutely filled with christmas lights. it would look like any other joy-filled neighborhood in this time of the holidays. but instead, it was marked off with yellow crime tape. we could barely see around the corner to where the home was, to where the s.w.a.t. teams and the authorities that had been there earlier in the day investigating had spent their time, had spent
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their time earlier in the day. we were there at 3:00 in the afternoon, when the s.w.a.t. team member, when the investigators started to clear out and we could see the manpower that they invested in that neighborhood, earlier in the day, when they finally found out where to go to begin to look for clues as to why he would have participated in this, planned something like this. how this could have occurred. they were there to look for any clues and any continuing it danger. that's being secured tonight. still have people there, keeping an eye on things in that community. but as you might understand, devastated neighbors, confused neighbors in that community, certainly not used to something like this, occurring in a neighborhood like newtown. this is a place where people move intentionally to raise their children, for the school system, for the adorable throw-back community, for that essence of what everyone wants their children to experience that, true small-town feeling, where hundreds and hundreds of people will show up at a
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community church to grieve and join together and to work towards repair. >> greta: thank you. this mass murder investigation stretching from connecticut to new jersey. tonight, we learn the killer's brother has been taken in for questioning in hoboken, sort of voluntarily -- not taken into custody. that's where we have anna coyman, standing by live. what you can tell me about the brother and the questioning? >> reporter: we are standing in front of his home, 24-year-old ryan, the brother of the alleged shooter. i can actual, less than an hour ago, police rolled up their tape. it had been blocking the entrance of the building, which was surrounded earlier this afternoon. we hear from a reliable federal source that when police were surrounding the area, earlier this afternoon, ryan and his girlfriend showed up. that's when they realized everything that was going on. he was handcuffed. taken away. was questioned. we are hearing from the fbi that
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he and his father both have been released. they were very -- you know, cooperative, throughout all of this. but we are also hearing from residents here who are just really rattled by all of this. they say the bomb squad was running through their hallways today, day care in the area was on lockdown. and parents were getting email, don't worry about your kids, but this is what is going on. they have been on edge. they are really happy that things are calming down and thankful that their kids are all right. >> greta: do you know anything about the relationship between the father -- and the shooter or the brother and the shooter or even the father and the mother who has been shot today? anything about the family dynamics? >> reporter: well, we have heard a lot of report it's nothing that we have confirmed. we have calls into the families. but you can imagine, you know, they -- they are saying they need their time and not taking our calls at the moment.
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but it's -- appears that some of the relationships have been spotty. also, the father and mother are divorced. the father has remarried and lives in connecticut. we are told by the fbi, he and the son ryan, who does live here, may be on their way to connecticut. we have not seen ryan here. we can tell that you although ryan is not a suspect, authorities are telling us that they are going through his phone records and through his computer, just to see if that could give them any possible clues about anything and even possibly a motive. >> greta: thank you. police telling us, tell take days to process the gruesome crime scene. 26 people -- mere children -- slaughtered inside the elementary school. we spoke with the connecticut state police lieutenant paul vance. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: we have seen so many of those, in columbine and
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before that. you never think it's going to happen in your community, do you? >> no, you don't. this is horrific. it's tragic, the parents sent the children to school to be educated and never expected never to see them again. it's a heart-breaking tragedy that this community is enduring. >> greta: you think right now, you haven't identified all the bodies, have you? >> we have not. we have tentative identification. we have to positively identify everyone. we certainly want to do that as expeditiously as possible. we are working on that as we speak. we will work through the night. it's important for the families. we understand that. >> greta: just imagine if you are family at home and you evaporate gotten word, but your child isn't home so you know that your child was one of the victims. it's inevitable. imagine that pain? >> it's unbelievable. it's something that no one really ever wants to bear. it was heartbreaking to have to -- hear the parents being told their children were not coming home. it was heartbreaking for the law enforcement officers to go in to
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rescue as many people as they did, as many staffers as they did and then encounter what they discovered in those last two classrooms. >> greta: was the situations where the killer killed everyone in one room and killed an entire class? >> no. it wasn't like that. it's difficult to talk about. but suffice it to say, there were deceased in two classrooms and the hallway and it was a horrific scene. >> greta: was he known to law enforcement? sometimes their names are familiar, they have been around? >> we are looking at that. we have a command investigation underway. we have brought in major crime detectives and had the newtown police detectives working with us. we are going to answer those questions and do an extensive background on the shooter and answer every question about the history and historical -- any historical events that this young man may have been involved in. we will leave no stone unturned? >> greta: had the mother ever
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complained about him or said anything that she was worried about him? >> there is nothing that showed that something like this could occur. but, again, our investigators will look at all of that. we will interview all the administration of the school, superintendent, friends, family, relatives, co-workers. the list is endless and we will do everything we can. >> greta: one thing that is curious is that, that i have read or heard that the mother was found dead at her home and she is also a teacher. so was she not teaching now? did she call in sick? why wasn't she at school? do you know? >> we haven't identified anyone ye so i am in a position where, kitell you we have a secondary scene with a deceased female, we tentatively have identified. those are questions that we have and have to answer. at this point in time, we haven't answered them. >> greta: was there a substitute teachener that classroom? >> that, i don't know. sorry, i don't know. >> greta: right now, medical
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examiners in with the children and the adults? >> yeah, the medical examiner's at the scene with a team. and he has his team in place. they are going to work right through the night and do whatever they need to do to identify the children for these families. >> greta: you know, every time i have covered these story, the police officer, law enforcement, they are all parents. you know, they go into these scenes and it's like -- it's unthinkable and unspeakable. they all have kids. the anal of these children? >> yeah. it's a very difficult scene for them. the law enforcement officers who have entered the building, we have provided them with counseling. we did that same for the family. we brought in clergy. it is hard. it's very hard forward law enforcement, the fire service, ems personnel. but certainly nothing like the parents are going through. >> no parent wants to send his child to a school that is essentially a prison with a lot of metal detectors and security
10:16 pm
and everything else. but i am curious, this school -- any security -- not that i am in any way condemning them if it hasn't -- you know, it goes both ways? >> suffice it to say that the school was secure. it was very secure. and we will certainly determine exactly how the shooter was able to gain access. >> greta: secure in the sense that if i tried to get in, somebody would stop me? that kind of secure? someone has to let me in? >> that's correct. you could not have gotten in. >> greta: thank you. and good luck. i know it's tough on you and everyone in the community, especially those of the dead. thank you, sir. our live coverage from connecticut continues in just one minute. we will have the latest information on the killer, plus more on the long investigation that is ahead. former detective mark fuhrman will be here. "on the record" live from newtown, stay with us. from newtown, stay with us. i just knew we had to get in there and it is it going to be
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okay and you are going to be all right i pull would a book shelf and we were barricaded and did you tell them to be quiet. ndid you worry about that. >> i told them to be absolutely quiet. because i was so afraid he would come in and hear us and start shooting the dor. we have to be absolutely quiet. and we have. there are bad goys out there now. and we need to wait for the good guys. i just wanted us to be okay. and i am so saddened thrathere are pime in the situation that are not okay. my heart goes out to who knew them and was part of their them and was part of their lives. the boys use capital one venture miles
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plus, you can load cash or checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and checks right from your smartphone. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. >> we a >> we are back live in newtown, connecticut. this pretty new england town, the scene of one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history. first reports identified his brother, ryan as the killer. how did that happen? hoboken editor, clair moses is here. tell me, how did this happen? and secondly, you have spoken to friends of rye ap, have you not? >> i did speak to friends of
10:22 pm
ryan. >> reporter: i did speak to friends of ryan. the internet started publishing ryan's picture and a lot of news outlets started kill -- calling him the killer. i was talking to his friends, some by text, some by phone -- i spoke to three of his friends and they all told me they this spoken to him, briefly on facebook chat or by phone and that he was, in fact, at work and not the killer. it was physically impossible to have been in newtown, while he was at work, talking on the phone to his friends. [overlapping dialogue] >> reporter: yes? >> do you know -- did any of ryan's friends -- have they ever met adam? >> reporter: not the ones that i spoke. to they knew he had a brother and that is about the extent of their knowledge. they also had very brief conversations with him today because, as you can imagine, it was a very crazy day for him, so
10:23 pm
they just had a few minutes. they knew had a brother. but none of them seemed to know adam. >> greta: did they know anything about adam? did ryan ever speak about adam or describe anything usual or unusual, about his relationship, where he lived, anything? >> reporter: there is very, very little knowledge about that. one of his friends that tell me that in fact, he had a brother and that he might have been a little -- challenged. i reported that earlier in the story that he was developmentally challenged. but that is all the information, other information was very sparse. his friends did not seem to know his family very well. or they did not mention that today. >> greta: i take it by mentally challenged, you don't have any more information beyond that vague description? >> reporter: i'm sorry, greta? >> greta: beyond the vague description "mentally
10:24 pm
challenged," you don't know any description about adam? >> reporter: not about adam. not about adam. we heard earlier today that the confusion may have arisen because adam could have had ryan's identificationo him. ryan told one of his friends that the confusion arose that way and it was probably adam rather than himself. but other than that, very, very little about adam here in hoboken this evening. >> greta: clair, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> greta: coming up, it took only minutes for the killer to gun down 20 children and 6 adults in school. in a minute, you get a closer look at how this horrible terror unfolded. our live coverage from connecticut continues. that's next.
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>> greta: here's how today's unthinkable tragedy unfolded. >> breaking news to tell you right now. there are reportsave school shooting in newtown, connecticut. had this is at the sandy hook school. >> we know very few details. but this is what we can report. state police are responded to a report of a shooting at sandy hook elementary school, which we understand is kindergarten through fourth grade. >> here's what's being reported. a dispatcher from the newtown voluntary ambulance corp reported one teacher has been taken to a nearby hospital,
10:29 pm
possibly with a gunshot wound. >> just ahead of him, it is difficult to see at this point, is one of the s.w.a.t. teams, responding, one of the armored vehicles heading to that school, racing to newtown from all over the state of connecticut. >> we have had numerous reports that there was one gunman, maybe two. we have two reports that one gunman may be dead. but you can understand, this is a fast-moving, very fluid situation at the school. >> i think it's important on a day like today... to view this as i know the president as a father does and i as a father and others who are parents certainly do, which is to. feel enormous sympathy for families that are affected and to do everything we can. >> sources are telling fox news that 26 people are dead at this
10:30 pm
time. eight adult, including the shooter and 18 children. >> when it happened, i heard the gunshots and so -- they were both -- like i said, it was one of those thing, we are trying to see what happens. we tell them, ultimately, it's going to be much worse. >> one source suggesting the shooter may have been a young man, as young as 20 years old. he may live in new jersey. there may be a separate situation there, a crime scene, where they kicked down the door of that person's home. we are trying to confirm that at this timeo at this time. we don't be the identity of the gunman and at this point, his connection to the school. >> there were several fatalities at the scene, both students and staff. there is no information, relative to that being released at this time, until we have made complete and proper notification. >> there are no words. it's sheer terror. and -- and -- and a sense of immediate urgency and... you
10:31 pm
know, to get to your child -- and to be there to protect them. >> the president is said to make some remarks about the shooting today. let's take a listen. >> this afternoon, i spoke with governor malloy and fbi director muller. i offered governor malloy my condolences on behalf of the nation and made it clear, he will have every single resource that he needs to investigate this heinous crime, care for the victims, counsel their families. >> as has been reported, thrrn fatalities, there were 18 children that were pronounced dead at the school. there were two that were transported to area hospitals, pronounced dead at area hospitals and six adults, pronounced dead at the scene, at the school. >> remember that this happened just over six hours ago. so there is a lot of evidence still being processed, the crime scene still very active and other scenes now being investigated, including apparently, the home of the
10:32 pm
shooter's mother here in newtown, where an adult body was found, as well as another resident in new jersey. there are conflicting reports about the status of the shooter's father and conflicting reports on the shooter himself. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birth days, graduations, weddings...: kids of their own. [sighing]. >> among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams. so our hearts are broken
10:33 pm
today... for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children and for the families of the adults who were lost. >> greta: sheer terror, young children, parents and teachers, all witnessing the tragedy, this horrible violence. >> doesn't even seem real t. just does not seem like it's even possible. >> there are no word, it's sheer terror and -- and -- a tepees of immediate urgency and...: you know, to get to your child and to be there to protect them. >> i got an emergency phone call that there had been a shooting, but they didn't say where and the schools were on lockdown. so immediately after that, i got a text from machine who said there was a shooting at a school on sandy hook -- and i said, oh, my god, that's dan. i went to the school, there were
10:34 pm
some of the sm historical moms that i knew and i said, what's going on? she said the principal is dead and children came out with blood. >> we -- we are coping. we are trying to find out what's going on. it's a little nerve racking. as you can tell, behind us, we do have a few more cars pulling in. how many shooters? how many people are injured? >> she was in a small class, a reading group and they started hearing, i guess, bangs and... and got her teacher, which i am so grateful for, there was a small group, they rushed the kids into the bathroom and they locked the door and they just told the children that it was hammering and tried to keep them calm. the next thing i know -- because it's very hard to get a complete
10:35 pm
story. the next thing i know is that the police came and they were knocking on the door to be let out -- of the classroom. and when they were, she had seen glass and blood -- one child was covered in blood, but i understand that child is safe. >> later on, again, she was talking about how -- the -- you know, while she was walking down the hallway, the police told them to close their eyes because, obviously, it was a very sensitive scene. and she said she heard gunshots and -- actually, what she told me was -- in the beginning, the intercom came out and she heard a scream on the intercom, around the school. and the intercom went immediately off. i am not sure how is how the school got lockdown and she did hear a scream on the intercom. >> nothing makes sense like this, it's senseless. no, it doesn't. our hearts are with everybody. every parent, every mother,
10:36 pm
father, mother, grandfather, grandmother. >> everybody seems to be doing okay. a couple of friends we haven't been able to get in touch with, no answer. we hope everything's okay with them. >> greta: coming up, more live coverage from newtown, connecticut. find out why the police are right now, inside that school. former detective mark fuhrman is here. that's next. this holiday, share everything.
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>> tonight the investigation in the connecticut mass shooting is only beginning. the homicide detective mark furman joins us. >> good evening. >> mark, you and i go back a long time talking about all of these cases. this one tonight, right now as we talk. the medical examiner inside of that classroom, and bodies still in the classroom and trying to determine ideptity. i can only imagine how difficult it is for the police
10:41 pm
and medical examiner and families and everything. this has to be done, doesn't it? >> it does have to be done, greta and unfortunately, i can imagine what it looks like and you try to put that out of your mind. the medical examiner and forensic personnel have to blue pript the room where each and every person is. all evidence has to be photographed before it is disturbed and you have to number and the positions of each body. each body has to be processed and examined by the coroner and forensically and documented and evidence collected and then, and only then can you remove each body one at a time. >> you know, i think of the families tonight. they haven't got know official word their child is dead or a
10:42 pm
loved one or wife or mother. but if you are sitting at home and you are expecting your child to be home or expected your wife or mother or father to be home and that person hasn't shown up. you obviously know that you are -- your family member was a victim and a lot of people are thinking why in the world going on. we know who the shooter is. he shot himself in the head and there is it a risk of a co-defendant or someone who helped him and you will have to put a case together; is that why they do this? >> you have to document it, because it is what you need to do to really create a history of the instent. for legal purposes and certainly there could be civil actions if there is not criminal. you have to remember that this suspect was described as someone who might have mental problems and incapacity as far
10:43 pm
as his mental state he have been formulated by someone else and guided and provided with information and a conspiracy, you know. it is really what i am talking about and somebody could have put him up and gave him information and completed the conspiracy. and then you would need to prosecute that individual. so it needs to be done because this early in the investigation, you county don't know -- what you have except for the victims. >> we are getting a little bit of an idea who he was. and the new york times and reporting about how socially acward he high school. and few freppeds and he didn't center a book book -- face book page we are getting a glimpse of him tonight . but the detectives. they have to dig deeper, are they not? >> they are going to dig
10:44 pm
deeper for weeks and maybe longer than that. they will do an autopsy on his mind and his life as well as his body. they are going to figure out who he was talking to and what high was saying and talk to friends and family and anybody on the computer and web sites and anything he put out or wrote. anything that he threatened. they are going to find out just exactly how many flags there were and that is really only way to go back wards and try to prevent an incident is to control the individual with the idea and motivation to do as heinous as this. ndo you ever get used to the investigation . 20 children. they are like five or 10 years old. it seems like the worst of the worst. and as a detective, do you ever, can you do this? and how do you go through
10:45 pm
thyself things? >> well, you know, there is no way that anybody can prepare themselves for a child's homicide. just in the singular sense. this, the amount of recommend're victims and their age is beyond overwhelming. and i am sure that you know, detectives and forensic personnel. they have to detach themselves for that period of time to do their job. this is it a horrific scene and a horrific crime that no one will get over and no one seeing the scene will be quite the same. >> mark, thank you for joining us tonight. >> straight ahead, you will hear the chilling radio calls as police learned about the mass shooting, that's nenenenene
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10:49 pm
>> greta: this school massacre shocking even tochl peer yensed police officers. we have the chilling radio calls as police first learned about the sloot shoothing spree. listen to this. >> callers indicating she thinks someone is shooting in the building. the answer i!,óç... the answer s
10:50 pm
front glass has been -- they're unsure why. the individual i have on the phone is continuing to hear what you believes to be gunfire. >> and right. right. >> other units. >> the shooting appears to have stopped. the school is in lock down. >> roger. >> reports the teacher saw two running past the building past the gym, which would be rear, i think, near the shooting. >> your requested to stay. i will need two ambulances at
10:51 pm
this time. >> just received a call. we have one in room one whoddl received a shot to the foot. other injuries at this time. >> okay. bodies here. >> i think is that an emf?i# >> at the... driveway. between the fire hydrant. >> is there anyone? >> we've got one suspect down. be advised we have multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns. we need officers here.
10:52 pm
asap. >> we just had a case brought to us by a police officer. >> would you contact a couple of our officers to man the back hall so we can put people inside of there? >> one patient transported to the hospital. >> another vehicle not secure. >> now 401, 444 route. >> make contact with the commanding officer at the scene just to ensure that the area you're going into have been cleared. >> okay. who is the commanding officer here? >> officer in the back. >> roger. >> it's over behind. roger there. >> roger.
10:53 pm
>> jersey place. a couple occupants. not sure where i got cutoff on the caller. >> this is still an active scene. keep the area clean. >> we're inbound in that location with er support. is there a link up point? >> roger. closet in the kitchen. they have some victims. let us know, we'll call the number so they'll know you're coming. >> one of the places is the kitchen. there is a teacher in there. >> the car rental, lane, new jersey. >> there is a guy on the end of the road. keep the road clear, we need
10:54 pm
to get emf out of here, keep it here. >> newtown officers at the scene. the scene scene is not active, not active at this time. >> greta: straight ahead one murder victim is the school principal. she turned on the p.a.system as events were unfolding. you'll hear what happened as a result, that is next. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets
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10:59 pm
how she remembered her and that she shared a story she'd heard how her aunt saved lives by pushing for folks back into the conference room. and hitting the hear what is going on to get sometime to get into a safe place. >> greta: shooting going throughout the school? they reached the whole school? >> i found information we've had confirmed, it's a story that the relative has relayed to us. so we haven't confirmed that with official sources. but it was a story that the relative, the niece of the principal shared with us. >> greta: it's a terrible story. terrible for the community. you live here, grew up here. >> yes. i are have family in newtown. and it's -- it's just devastating. you know? no one could have ever imagined something like this would happen anywhere, or here. and there is a real sadness,

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